The Counseling of Marital Age Maturity Effect Toward Girls’Attitude on Early Marriage

  • Sophia Sophia 022-6631622
  • Sri Yuniarti
  • Eka Putri


Based on data from the office of religious affair in Bandung Barat Jayagiri Lembang Village in 2015, it is revealed that there are 8.5% teenage girls who married at the age 16-19 years. The impacts of early marriage are the high rate of maternal mortality, infant mortality and divorce case. Information of marital age maturity is very important for teenagers to avoid early marriage, one of them is health education. This study purposes to know the effect of marital age maturity especially on the health education on teenage girls‘ attitude about early marriage. This study used quasi experimental with one group pretest posttest. Fifteen teenage girls at PGRI 1 Lembang Senior High School were drawn out as respondents on 1 Februari 2016. Interviews were using a media of questionnaire to collect data and then analyzed by using t test. The result of this research showed that there is significant impact of the counseling of marital age maturity toward young woman attitude on early marriage (p=<0,05). Thus, the teenage girl was expected to be active in rising activity; which discuss more about health reproduction, as a foundation in forming a happy and prosperous family in the future.

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SOPHIA, Sophia; YUNIARTI, Sri; PUTRI, Eka. The Counseling of Marital Age Maturity Effect Toward Girls’Attitude on Early Marriage. 2nd International Seminar on Global Health (ISGH), [S.l.], p. 362-367, aug. 2018. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 23 july 2019.